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You need patience to repair a damaged tape. I believe it was having to fix numerous cassettes that taught me how to be endlessly patient. And being endlessly patient will serve you well if you choose to listen to this.

Something off the Radio

Your soundtrack to Friday, courtesy of The Tapes

The Tapes: Volume 1

Well, after creating 13 minutes of noise that seemed to resembled by brain being turned inside out (which, if you ask Helen, actually sounds the kind of nonsense they make you listen to whilst queuing at a theme park. She's probably right, and has a far more developed sense of perception than I), it seemed like a good time to draw a little line under what we've managed with The Tapes thus far. As such, I present to you 'The Tapes - Volume One: Music for Tim to do ***** by'. It is silly. Do not take it seriously.

Have an Outtake

An outtake from the photo shoot for the forthcoming 'Volume 1' of The Tapes

Fresh Tapes

Ahhhh...a fresh bag of tapes has arrived. Time to make some noises and get to work on volume 2. Ooooo...I haven't told you about volume 1 yet, have I?

Someone is There

Half a side of magnetic mayhem in which to lose yourself. I'll see you on the other side.

The Bourne Deficiency

This is, quite frankly, ridiculous.


Looks like this tape had a tough start to life. For a time it contained the soundtracks to both Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing. A while later, when four talented musicians sat round a microphone with a delay unit and too much free-time, it was probably with great pride that the nonsense noise produced should be used to clear the tape of it's shallow past. When someone then mumbles into a vocoder, out journey begins......

Found a tape

Time to delve back into the memory box for this week's tape...


The tape captured a school play from the early 80s which I may or may not feature in. It still looks new today, shielded in a mist-matched Fuji tape-box, protected from the rigours of time, much like some of the memories from that distant time.

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